I give away fun trips to folks who miss each other.

I’ll send college roommates who’ve moved to different cities to a lovely place for a few days.

I’ll fly someone who was a high-school foreign exchange student to visit her host family.

I’ll arrange for buddies who live on opposite sides of the same city to spend a night on the town (and treat each of their families – if they’re stuck at home – to a delivered dinner from their favorite restaurant, so they’re not too jealous).

Why I do this.

Growing up, my mom seemed to be constantly arranging for old friends to get together, so it’s probably genetic. But there are other reasons, too.

Thanksgiving at Aunt Mickey's

One of my mom’s many old friend reunion bashes, sometime in the mid-90’s.

How I pay for it.

Nothing complicated. I do ok at my job. This is where I spend my disposable income.

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